SHERES "Ocean" Drive Dining Table

Sale price$2,520.00

Sleek and elegant with a strong Art-Deco vibe this round stainless steel table will look great in your dining room or in your entry hall. Made completely out of stainless steel with a 3/4” thick glass top. The tall tapering column is mirror polished and the flat disc at the bottom has a satin finish to accent it.

This dining table will seat 8 guests comfortably.

Another original design by Greg Sheres who lived in the Art Deco design district of South Miami Beach in the mid-late 1980’s. Perhaps some of his love of Deco designs came from his experiences there?

The stainless steel is suitable for any location and will also hold up terrifically in salt air environments!


60” diameter x 3/4” glass top. Total height is 30”.